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ICO Marketing Strategy
Your ICO marketing strategy is the difference between success and failure. You can have the best product ever, but without the right ICO marketing campaign in place, you’re doomed to fail.
Online Reputation Management
Businesses succeed or fail based on their reputation and in the digital era never has this been truer. The ease at which reviews can be left and comments made online means it’s an essential part of your marketing strategy to monitor and respond to both positive and negative comments.
Press Release
In order to create a brand image, it is very crucial that the world knows about your presence. PR's are one of the major sources to do this. We can provide worldwide PR services on traditional media platforms to create Brand Awareness. Also, if required, we can also provide region based PR services
Community Management
Having a strong community, strong partnerships and effective marketing strategy throughout the ICO process is crucial to a successful crowdfund. We provide 24/7 management of your social media channels so that your investors can get the answers they need and responses to their concerns.
Social Media Marketing
Social media is not just an activity; it is an investment of valuable time and resources. Surround yourself with people who not just support you and stay with you, but inform your thinking about ways to WOW your online presence.

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Our Pricing Packages

If You Want To Achieve Your HardCap, Then You Have To Invest 1% Of Its In Marketing. 🔥
  • 2 Reddit Shoutouts
  • 1000 Telegram Crypto Investors
  • 200+ News PR
  • 2 Top Crypto Website PR
  • 2 ICO Listing
  • 2 Token Listing
  • 5k Email Newsletter

ETH 15

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Bitcoin Cash
Bitcoin Cash
  • 5 Reddit Shoutouts
  • 2,500 Telegram Members
  • 500+ News Website PR
  • Includes Yahoo Finance and NASDAQ
  • 5 Top Crypto Website PR
  • 5 ICO Listing
  • 20k Email Newsletter
  • 2 YouTube Reviews
  • 1 week Telegram Community Management
  • 1 week Etherscan.io Sponsorship
  • In One Page

BCH 25

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  • 7 Reddit Shoutouts
  • 5000 Telegram Members
  • 700+ News Website PR
  • Includes Yahoo Finance and NASDAQ
  • 12 Top Crypto Website PR
  • 10 ICO Listing
  • 40k Email Newsletter
  • 5 YouTube Reviews
  • 4 week Telegram Community Management
  • 4 week Etherscan.io Sponsorship
  • In Multiple Pages
  • 3 Languages BitcoinTalk ANN Thread
  • 3 Languages BitcoinTalk Bounty
  • Attractive ANN and Bounty Creation Plus Management
  • 5k Twitter Followers and Engagement
  • 5K Facebook Likes And Engagement
  • 2 Crypto Websites Banner Advertisement.
  • Online Reputation Management



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